Karen and her husband John document their photography travels in a camper van called Hamish via their YouTube Channel, Travelling Togs. Latest videos linked below.

"When the winter storms arrive, Scotland's remotest corners become harsh and unforgiving, a frozen frontier favouring only the bravest and the strong." Join us on a Winter Van Life adventure into the snow covered Scottish Lammermuir hills, discovering desolate landscapes and hardy wildlife battling the elements to simply survive.

Scotland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world to photograph beautiful Autumn colours, so how lucky we are to have it as our home! In this video we pack ourselves and our cameras into Hamish, our Hymer Ayers Rock camper van, and take a short weekend road trip to explore the remarkable Trossachs and Scottish Highlands. Whilst rain was certainly the theme for the weekend, it did nothing to detract from a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days of lochs, rainbows, castles, stags and famous glens!

We make our first long trip in our new Hymer Ayers Rock camper van, Hamish, to the stunning Hebridean Islands of Skye and Harris in Scotland. We start on the Isle of Skye and a very special place for us, Dunscaith Castle, where we both married in 2016. We witness a stunning sunset at the iconic Quiraing, before moving onto the Isle of Harris and visiting once again the magic that is the incredible Luskentrye Beach.

The final part of our first long road trip in our new Hymer Ayers Rock camper van, Hamish, to the stunning Hebridean Islands of Uist, Harris and Skye in Scotland. We start this episode travelling to remote Uist, photographing vast white sandy beaches and experiencing some truly wild autumnal Scottish weather! As we make our way home, we road trip through the Isles of Harris and Skye once again, both giving us a magical send off with some spectacular conditions.